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Lost Bounds is a fast paced platformer-shooter game that tests the player's mind and reflexes.





In the distant future of an unnamed planet. The world is in ruins, the planet's atmosphere is now corrosive and radioactive after a chemical weapon was released to plague the world. The chemical warfare corporation that is responsible for this disaster is known as VIOLET. The corporation went into hiding soon after the chemical plague struck, utilizing their underground labs that are impossible to be found. The planet's civilization were weakened and those who survived were forced to wear respirators to prevent them from mutating or dying like the many others.

Mech suits were developed to benefit the soldiers who engaged in a wild hunt to track down VIOLET and those held accountable. The suits are able to enhance the speed and gravity of the soldiers, cleansing the air intake through respirators fitted to their helmets so they may never run out of oxygen. This technology was costly however, so regular civilians that were forced to deal with regular re-fillable respirators eventually began to run out and adapt to the cruel environments of their once home planet.

Years on through the hunt for VIOLET, the soldiers got a reading of chemical activity and located the headquarters of the evil organization. The troops deployed through futuristic helicopters and closed in on the area of activity. But VIOLET was prepared and their EMP signals shut down the helicopters mid flight, crashing the soldiers to the ground. A few survived, but their suits were too damaged and their bodies were exposed to the hazardous environment, quickly dying.

One soldier remains, in his duty to destroy VIOLET and those responsible.

YOU are that soldier.


Background music is courtesy of www.playonloop.com/2014-music-loops/

Install instructions

Download the EXE file and double click to play